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Capability-Based Content

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Capability-based Content

Defining a New Approach to Instructional Design

Begun by Stephen Lahanas



Mission Statement



This LCB wiki page is dedicated to evolving the nature of instructional design. The primary goal is to become better aligned with the emergence of social publishing and web technology while at the same time providing a more powerful foundation for learner-centric pedagogy. The concept being advocated is "capability-based" content. Capability based content is developed specifically with capability assimilation as its primary expectation outcome. This directly contradicts the majority of learning content developed today using traditional assessment-based outcome paradigms. Capability-based content represents both a pedagogy as well as methodology for content development. It also implies certain integration principles...








  • Reduce unit production cost of Learning content
  • Reduce complexity of learning content integration
  • Enhance learner discovery, learner-driven critical thought
  • Enhance long-term knowledge assimilation
  • Promote open content model
  • Support Dynamic Curriculum Mapping 
  • Support greater exploitation of unstructed data & rich media in Learning




Anticipated Deliverables


  • Architecture Reference Model
  • Methodology
  • Upper Level Ontology
  • Examples
  • Metadata Exploitation Report


Group members


  • Stephen Lahanas, Principle Consultant, Semantech Inc.
  • TBD





  1. The ME-Learning Manifesto
  2. TBD













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