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The LCB Discussion Wiki


Welcome to the LCB Discussion Wiki. Here the community can take on topics of interest to the elearning and learning fields. The wiki can afford a longer, more involved dialogue than the somewhat here today, gone tomorrow approach the typical blog allows.


Getting Started/Navigation

If you are new to wikis, the Navigation and Editing Tutorial will help you learn how to get around.

The Getting Started page will help you understand how the LCB Discussion Wiki is set up.

PBWiki Style Help this is a guide to the mark up symbols used by pbwiki to display your contributions just the way you want


Discussion Topic List


Do you have an idea for a discussion you think the Learning Circuits Blog community should engage in through the Discussion Wiki? Add your idea to the list below. Or you can add a new page and launch a discussion. It's your community. Make it work for you!



Funding sources for public sector projects

Becoming a great simulation designer

What's so great about informal learning




Capability-Based Content

New Topic


The Big Question

The Big Question is a monthly feature at Learning Circuits Blog that draws on the network effect that joins 50+ million blogs together into the collective known as the blogosphere.

We will post a question each month and invite you to post your reaction on your blog. Then, here at LCB, we aggregate the posts and comments from blogs around the world. Perhaps add a bit of commentary on the conversations being generated by The Big Question. But most importantly, we wi€™ll provide you the means and the motivation to connect with new colleagues from around the world.


How it works

The question will be posted on Learning Circuits Blog on roughly the first Monday of the Month. This will be considered the €œHome Post€ for the question.

We invite you to create a post on your own blog regarding The Big Question. Then come to the Home Post and fill out the form provided in the Home Post. You name, the name of your blog and the permalink to your post will be added to the list of participating posts immediately.

Because we are aggregating all the posts and all the comments to those posts, you should feel free to comment to whatever blog or blogs you feel comfortable commenting on.

If you have any questions about The Big Question, simply post a comment to the Home Post.


Master List of all the Big Questions

You can find a complete list of all of the Big Questions on the Big Question Master List page.


Support Pages for Specific Big Questions

February 2007 Big Question Question List





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