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Welcome to the LCB Discussion Wiki


Here are some tips for getting around.


I'll covers some basic housekeeping and ground rules here.


Have at it!

This is a totally open wiki. You can share your opinions by editing what's already here, adding your own comments to a page, adding a page or section. You can create links to outside resources or upload images or small documents. (please make links to large documents.) Feel free to express yourself however works for you.


Wiki Style

To edit any page, just click the "Edit this Page" button. If it's your first time using pbwiki, you might want to visit the "Wiki Style" section via the button on every editing page. It's a quick read and will make your experience quite a bit easier.



You can use HTML throughout pbwiki. But we ask, please keep it simple. Remember, the person who comes in after you may not know HTML as well as you and can easily change something that can make the entire site go haywire.


Make your Mark

Please consider making some sort of notation about who you are when you make a substantial contribution to a page. Sure, pbwiki tracks all changes, but it's much easier if there is some sort of mark on the page versus having to go through all of the change logs to figure out who might have posted something. Something like (Dave Lee) would be fine. If you'd rather use a psuedonym, please do so. Just be consistent so that we can follow your voice. NOTE: please don't use square brackets around your name. That would create a link to a new page named after you.


Some Ground Rules for Behavior

(please add anything you'd like to this)

  1. Be civil. No name calling or throwing of dead flowers.
  2. When in doubt add, don't delete. If you disagree with someone, the total conversation will be better served by leaving the original text that you disagree with and adding yours before or after.
  3. Be clear. Shorter is better. Less jargon is better.



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