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Navigation and Editing Tutorial

Logging In to enable editing and general navigation

Click on the image to the left to make the larger image appear in a new window.

1 When you first long onto the LCB Discussion Wiki, you will be in a read only mode. To be able to edit, hit the "Log In to Edit" button at the top of the page. This will take you to a login page. Entering your email is optional. If you do, it displays online in the detail on the changes page. Press enter and you will be returned to the page you came from.

2 At the bottom of every page you will find a navigation bar that allows you to go to any other page in the wiki.

3 Also at the bottom of every page, you will find a link back to the Learning Circuits Blog.


Editing content and adding content

Click on the image to the right to make the larger image appear in a new window.

It is the nature of a wiki that you can edit any page you'd like. While this is true of LCB Discussion Wiki, we ask that you not make changes to the navigation tools. Otherwise, have fun and be constructive in your edits.

1 From any page you can click the "edit this page" button at the top of the page. This opens the editing page.

2 Many of the pages in the LCB Discussion Wiki are divided into two sections. The first is a brief explanation of the topic on the page and/or some ideas for you to react to in the discussion. Unless otherwise noted, you are welcome to edit this section if you so desire.

3 The second section which appears below a horizontal divider line, is the comment section. I you are simply adding to the discussion, please enter your comments after the last comment that is already there but before the line which reads <br><br><raw> <font color="blue" size="+1"><b>4</b></font> If you are entering basic text (no hightlights, colors etc.) you can simply type it in the position on the page where you'd like it to appear. If you would like to **bold** or __underline__ a word or format it in any way, you should check out the "Wiki Style" page which can be linked to with the link at the top of every edit page. Alternatively, if you know html, pbwiki, our host, does accept html in addition to their commands. However, please don't get too fancy. The person in after you may not know html as well and, in editing, could wipe out your work or even disable the entire wiki. If you don't know HTML, use the wiki style to enhance your text. A could rule to follow when editing the raw code of a page like this is "if you see a symbol or word that you don't understand, leave it alone. :-) <font color="blue" size="+1"><b>5</b></font> NOTE: The horizontal dividing line appears as three hypens <raw>--- in the editing page entry.

6 When you are done entering what you'd like to say, or wish to check if you formatted something correctly, hit the "Preview" button at the top or bottom of the editing box. this will open a preview version of the page. The editing box is below the version of the page you see.

7When you are done with your edits, press the "Save" button. This will make your changes to the page and return you to the page.


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